Thursday, March 20, 2014

Let's Talk About Sweets, Baby

I love chocolate! I mean LOVE it y'all!

I will eat a bug if it's covered in chocolate (I should say that it has to be sold in a store though). I have before! If I wouldn't gain weight, I'd eat chocolate everyday. Probably several times a day.

The only thing is, I don't bake. I'm not good at it. When I have tried to bake brownies in the past, they all turn out too chewy or hard.

But I don't worry. Because, here in the good ol' US of A, pretty much every grocery store, convenience store, or gas station you go into, there's some form of chocolate. Even in the health food stores!

So, if I need a sugar high, I only have to go down to nearest store and I'm all set! I love that!

My most favorite sweet treat is mint chocolate chip ice cream. Oh my gosh, that stuff is so good! And refreshing! On hot summer day, it doesn't get any better.

Where I live, south Mississippi, and where I'm from, Louisiana, they sell what we call SnoBalls. Some people call them Snow Cones. They are basically shaved or crushed ice with almost any flavor you could want. Those things are the reason why I will run at 8 p.m. during the summer too. Whether to get one after I run or to burn calories after I've had one. If you've never tried one, I suggest putting that on your bucket list.

I have to say, the best chocolate candy I've ever tried is the Nestle Quality Street Candy from the UK. I had a boss from there once and every time his wife would come back to the states from visiting their daughter, she'd bring me some. I loved it! They don't sell that kind here, but man, I almost think it's worth the shipping to order some!

So what are your favorite sweet treats? Anything I should try, that you think I'd like?