Wednesday, April 16, 2014

Favorite Everything

I love makeup, clothes, shoes, etc. Everyone knows that.

What about other things? Well, let me tell ya...

My husband and I are huge geeks! We are. We love all things Star Wars (we even had a Star Wars wedding). We both love sports, just not the same teams, but that's okay - friendly competition and all that jazz. He is into gaming and I enjoy it occasionally. I like to do arts and crafts. I'm learning to sew and I do the fun painting with a twist girls' nights now and then.

We are also big into the fandoms. Like Game of Thrones, The Walking Dead, and Sherlock. Now, together we watch the American TV show Elementary, but I am in love with the British version, Sherlock. Of course, I have to mention Marvel and all the loveliness that comes from those movies. (Thor, hello, gorgeous.)

Did I mention that we are addicted to Netflix? And we love going to see new releases in the theatres.

And what's my favorite thing to watch everything on? My Kindle Fire HD. My hubby bought that as a gift for me last year and I don't believe I've gone an entire day without using it at least once. I use it for YouTube, Netflix, HBO Go, and all my social media accounts. Which I check daily.

Now, we may not know anything about the Kardashians, and we don't really care. But if you ever need info on a certain fandom, just ask. If we don't know the answer, we will find out!

What kinds of things are you into? What kind of pop culture makes you happiest?