Friday, April 25, 2014

Obviously, We Don't Know Our Wines

Well, y'all, we've had about 9 bottles of wine sitting in our dining room area since Christmas. I guess you could say we're not wine connoisseurs.

We bought several different types of red and white wine for a Christmas party we threw for our friends back in December. We even had champagne! Sadly, it's all still sitting here.

Well, almost all of it. As I sat here and typed this, I decided to taste a white zinfandel we have. It is good y'all! I may finish this bottle off tonight, ha!

When we go out for a drink, usually, my husband will get a craft beer. He enjoys Guinness the most. I will get either some type of fruity drink with rum or vodka or just go with beer. I am not a fan of many craft beers unless they taste like fruit, in which case, I can drink too many.

So, we aren't heavy drinkers but we do enjoy a night out now and then for a drink.

I can't speak much about things I do not know so this is just a short entry. If you know anyone (of legal age) in south Mississippi, who enjoys wine, send 'em over!  It'll be a party.