Monday, July 14, 2014

Birchbox ~ Jouer Cosmetics Blushing Beauty Limited Edition Palette ~ Full Review + Pictures

If you don't have a Twitter account, or are not following Birchbox, you should. Not only do they post great information and photos, they also do contests for products in their shop! I won a Cynthia Rowley Beauty collection (click here for full review + pictures) that continues to be one of my most used collections for everyday looks!

And after that contest, I won another: Jouer Cosmetics Blushing Beauty Limited Edition Palette. This palette is lovely; that is literally the word that comes to mind. It's very much a set to use for a natural, pretty, soft look. There was an option for this palette or the Jouer Little Black Dress Collection. (I may purchase this one in the near future!)

Here are my thoughts on the items, including pictures and links to the Birchbox website. (Not affiliate links)

It came in a cream white box with Jouer stamped in silver and the product description stamped on the bottom, also in silver.
Inside this was a mesh bag with the palette inside.

At first sight, I was a bit confused. All of the items were attached. And it took a few minutes to figure out how to separate them. All items are easily accessible while attached. They can also be popped apart if you only wanted to use a single item at a time. Each piece, save the lip gloss, has it's own small mirror inside, on the top. This could come in handy for touch-ups. For travel purposes, I would keep everything as is - attached as a palette; I don't see it taking up much space in my travel makeup case.

The products were in sleek, shiny, black cases except the lip product. It was in a clear, rectangular container with the lid matching the black of the other products. Not that anyone would call you out on it, but I do find the packaging to be susceptible to smudges and fingerprints.
Jouer Blushing Beauty Collection

Items included in this palette:
Jouer Sheer Matte Powder and Bronzer - I find this to be very creamy and soft. The powder gave sheer matte coverage. The bronzer warmed up my skin tone without looking dark and muddy. There is a slight shimmer over spray on both the powder and bronzer, that I can see. And I'm not sure why, but after a few days use, it looks like there is a darker spray of color over the matte powder. These are so sheer, that swatches did not turn out in pictures.

Jouer Powder Eyeshadow  - This set includes the duo of Chocolat and Peach; sold as singles when not in this set. These are so creamy! They both have some shimmer; the Peach has very little, while the Chocolat is more noticeable. Very easily blend-able and easy to apply with only your fingers. These are great for a long-lasting, natural look. Or, use the Peach as the base, Chocolate as a blending color, and other colors for a 3 or more eyeshadow eye look. I find them to be very compatible with most other eyeshadow shades I own!

I also used the Peach as the highlight and the Chocolat as a blending color for a brown smokey eye look:
Tint & Highlight - I can't find these on sold in any way other than the Blushing Beauty Collection. These are both soft and creamy! (It seems to be the theme of this palette) The highlight gives a dewy glow. I won't get to use it much as a face highlight because my skin type is so oily, but I may get good use out of it as an eyeshadow base or inner corner eye highlight. The tint gives the perfect flush or blush to the cheeks. It is a cream tint, so I suggest powdering after application. The first day I didn't and I had some transfer. Again, these have some shimmer to them but not flecks of glitter.

Jouer Moisturizing Lip Gloss in Cherish - I believe this color is only in this collection, but there are other colors available on At first, I thought it was very creamy, I still do, and not sticky. Now I am finding it to be a little bit sticky when re-applying later in the day. This could be because I need to exfoliate my lips though. The color is so pretty and light. It feels pretty comfortable on the lips. I love this to really finish off both the smokey eye and the natural look! You can see shimmer/ glitter in the lip gloss. It is very shiny when worn, without having chunks of glitter.

 Over all, I find this to be the perfect palette for a light, natural look with washes of color. All the products are pretty versatile and I am not at all disappointed with my choice of the Blushing Beauty collection!

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Birchbox is a beauty and lifestyle monthly subscription service. For the women's box, the cost is $10/ month; the men's cost is $20/ month. See their website for more information.