Thursday, July 24, 2014

Store Brand vs. Name Brand ~ Makeup Wipes

So, for quite a while now, I have been using makeup wipes. I use them every morning to clean my face, before working out, and sometimes again before bed (if I haven't just taken a shower). They are invaluable to me.

First, I tried the Pond's Evening Soothe. I found them to work really well and have a nice soothing scent. I paid about $5 for a pack of 30 towelettes.

Second, I tried the Neutrogena brand. These I liked even more. I paid the same amount as I did for the Pond's, but there were only 25 towelettes in this pack.

Eventually, I went back to the Pond's, this time switching between the Original Fresh scent and the Evening Soothe. The first thing I noticed is that they seemed less moist as they had when I first purchased this brand. I felt as though they were pulling harder on my skin and weren't as effective at getting all the makeup off. I would have to use more than one towelette to do the job one wipe had previously done.

Finally, I decided to try the Target Up and Up brand wipes. These are now, by far, my favorite! They cost less than $4 for 30 towelettes. They have a lot of wetness (or moisture) to them and one wipe can get all the makeup and eye makeup off without pulling my skin.

Sometimes name brand is better quality than store brand (in my opinion), but as far as these wipes go, I'll stick with the cheaper version from now on.

What are your thoughts? Do you have a favorite brand of makeup remover wipes?