Monday, August 18, 2014

Memebox Special #11 Cacao Has Arrived!! And It Smells Delicious!

A little while ago my friend Jen over at Jen Luv's Reviews opened a Memebox and talked about the upcoming boxes. As soon as I heard the words Chocolate and Cacao, I knew I had to buy that box! Immediately I got online and did just that.

I was not disappointed. The box arrived earlier than the email told me it would. I got my camera out and filmed the unboxing that night! Watch it here: My 1st Memebox! Special #11 Cacao

Here are the items I received and what I thought about them:

Milk Talk - The body wash:
I love this stuff ! It smells good enough to eat. It made my whole bathroom smelling like baking brownies or cupcakes. The scent did not seem to linger on my body, but I smelled and felt clean.

Cacao Brightening Mask:
This looks and smells just like chocolate sauce. I wanted to bad to put this on biscuits or pancakes! But I refrained, ha! I used it as directed and noticed my skin feel super soft. Did it brighten my skin? I'm not sure but I haven't used it on a consistent basis.

Pure Smile Essence Mask:
I have not used this. I'm a little afraid of these types of face masks. I may use this in an upcoming giveaway or use at a later date.

Vitamin Dessert Magic Creme:
Again, this smells just like chocolate! It's very thick and it lathered nicely in hands with water. I did not feel chunks of anything; it was smooth, kind of a whipped texture. When rinsing off, my face felt a little emollient, slightly oily. Once completely rinsed, my skin felt smooth and soft. I then used a makeup wipe remover to see if any residue was left over - none was except on eyes which I did not use this near my eyes.

Pure Smile Lip Scrub:
This reminds me of chocolate icing in the way it looks. There weren't granules like I thought there'd be. It did a great job of getting the dead skin off my lips though! I use this often now!! This maybe my favorite item in the box.

Purederm Nose Pore Strips:
I was not really a fan of these. I never used any other type of nose strips in the past. I felt like this took tiny hairs and possible some skin off my nose. It dried very hard and kind of hurt to get off.

What I really like about these boxes is that you're getting 5 - 6 full size products. It really is worth the price and the wait time (in my opinion). And isn't it fun to try things you wouldn't be able to try here in the U.S.?!

All in all, I loved this box! I may get another one this year.