Wednesday, October 22, 2014

ChapStick Hydration Lock ~ Dual Ended ~ Review

A few weeks ago I received a small package in the mail from Birchbox. I opened it because I'd completely forgotten why I'd be getting an extra package from them. I found 2 dual ended ChapStick with Hydration Lock to try out and review.

The first one I tried was the Day/ Night version.

I really like that the Day side has SPF 12. It will help protect my lips and hopefully keep them from looking dry and old or cracked.

I did use this several times at night and it's not bad. I always sleep with some sort of ChapStick on my lips just because I don't like dry lips even while I sleep. I didn't notice a lot of caking or drying out while I slept. This will definitely come in handy for traveling since I will keep it in my purse (for the SPF) and can just not worry about packing a night time lip balm anymore!

I keep the Moisture/ Renew ChapStick at work and use it regularly throughout my work day. I have noticed that the Renew side doesn't keep my lips as moisturized as long as the other end. Obviously, the Moisturizing side does exactly that. I don't feel the need to reapply as often with this end.

Now, as far as having dual ended ChapSticks, the Day/ Night one will be handier to have in my purse. The Moisture/ Renew side, I'm not so sure about. Yes, it's nice to have at my desk, but I find myself using the Moisture end way more than the Renew end. Maybe once I've used that side all up, I can switch over to the Renew end.

Have you tried these ChapSticks? If so, what are your thoughts on them? I'd love to hear which one you use the most.

Note: I received these items from Birchbox for review purposes.