Thursday, September 10, 2015

BIC Soleil Glow Razors ~ Test and Thoughts

I received these razors (and coupons) from BIC via BuzzAgent for testing and reviewing purposes.

When I first received these, I was super excited. I love BIC razors and have used them for years. I was also pleasantly surprised at the number of coupons I received to share (and share I did!) and the colors of the razors are so pretty.

Recently, I've fallen in love with their 4 blade razors but switched them out with these for the past few weeks to review.

First Sight:

After opening and putting one in the shower and one in the tub, I noticed how large the head was. Then when I first used it, it felt huge in my hand. I thought I'd never get around the knees close enough to get all the hair! It did feel a bit awkward in my hand the first couple of uses, but it got better as time went on.

I immediately felt as if the Comfort Shield head was an extension of the lubricating strip as I shaved. I really didn't even need shaving cream but did test it with cream just for the heck of it.

It glides smoothly along the leg without pulling or feeling at all dry. It's actually quite nice.

And contrary to my initial feelings, it went perfectly around my knees and got all the little hairs that I normally miss ~ Yay! Of course, no shave of mine goes off without a hitch. In all my excitement of getting around my knees, I completely skipped part of my thigh haha! It's okay, I went back and got it the next shower.

Closely shaved, smooth leg:

All in all, I'm very happy with the BIC Soleil Glow razor and am so appreciative that I am able to test them and share the coupon love. I may purchase these in the future, honestly, the jury is still out on whether these are my favorite compared to the 4 blades, but we shall see!